23 Sep 2019

NHS Long Term Plan & PCN’s


NHS Long Term Plan & PCN’s
Workshop Details

The development of PCN’s are central to the NHS Long Term Plan in achieving the vision of integrated care out in the community. Plans are currently well advanced to run a series of 'high profile' workshops on 'HOW to Develop an Integrated Effective PCN: An Action Plan'

The workshop objectives are:

  • Understand the six key challenges facing the development of PCN’s.
  • Hear the latest developments from NHSE on their support for PCN’s.
  • Learn from the experiences of setting up similar models to PCN’s EG The NAPC Primary Care Home (PCH ) model.
  • Hear a  PCH case example on its priority functions, obstacles/ problems encountered.
  • Local community/ PCN workshop syndicates to identify their priority functions, potential problems/obstacles.
  • Hear from the same PCH case example on how they overcame those problems/ obstacles. This should also cover how they engaged with local people/patients and how they measured if integration is working, what KPI ‘s were used?
  • Local workshop syndicates to identify local stakeholder actions in how to implement:
  •           -  Structured Medication Reviews & Optimisation
    -  Enhanced Care in Care Homes
    -  Personal Care including integrating MH & Physical Health in LTC’s
    -  Should we include public health as part of anticipatory care?

    If you are interested in attending these workshops please register your interest here.

    Monday 23rd September 2019
    to be confirmed
    To be confirmed