"MMS have a good understanding of the NHS environment, how to access key customers and develop partnership working"
"Well organised, outcome driven series of workshops with an impressive list of speakers and delegates. We have achieved our objectives"
"This template business case was well developed, well constructed and well received by our payers and providers"
"I suspect you are one if not the best in this business at creating valuable workshop programmes and ideas for products that attract strong partnerships with medical professional groups and management groups"
"I think the workshops and a feedback report are really a great idea, something that is badly needed."
"Well organised, thought-provoking meeting."
"Liked the interaction in the groups - lots of good ideas."
"A good mix of speakers"
"Very informative workshop with enthusiastic and very knowledgeable speakers."
"Excellent organisation. Great ideas for future practice. Thank you."
"Extremely well organised - Have increased my knowledge immensely"
"Well organised and comprehensive content. Thank you."
"Excellent day - learnt more about COPD in one day than in nine years of nursing!!"
"Really interesting, lots of good ideas - would be interested in a follow-up to see how things progress."
"Found the materials very useful."
"Thank you - feel motivated again"
"Overall excellent day - thank you."
"Well done, it's been worth it."
"Very focused meeting."
"Well organised and beneficial."
"Very topical, very relevant and very motivating"
"Thoroughly informative day and of good value to someone newly involved with the disease."
"Very educational, enjoyable and highly relevant to my practice - thank you."
"Very interesting and good balance between primary and secondary care which was refreshing."
"Highly motivating and thought provoking!"
"Information given on a universal level. Easy to understand and follow."
"Good opportunity to network. Glad I came - thank you."
"More of these sessions - very good, keep it up"
"Very enjoyable opportunity to network and gain a different perspective on nGMS"
"The entire day was very useful and informative. Most of my questions were answered".
"The whole day was thoroughly enjoyable, informative and kept interest. Follow up session re Post QOF visit more locally."
"A very worthwhile afternoon."
"Good meeting."
"Well organised and enjoyable day"
"Very valuable meeting, really enjoyed Prof MacDonald's presentation, it was excellent. Dr Jenner's information was also excellent."
"Thank you so much for the help with hearing at yesterday's conference. I really appreciated it. It does not often happen." Hearing-impaired delegate.